Management for commercial facilities


Management for residential properties

Building technology

  • Monitoring and operation
    of technical facilities and installations

  • Efficient energy management

  • Coordination and support of the commissioned trade firms

Property maintenance

  • Meticulous care of traffic areas and green spaces

  • Thorough removal of dirt, refuse and leaves

  • Putting out waste containers for collection by the disposal company in good time

  • Exemplary cleaning of communal areas

  • Reliable monitoring of children’s playgrounds

Special services

  • A high degree of flexibility thanks to short-notice allocation of appointments

  • Trustworthy key management

  • Exact invoicing of laundry costs

  • Preparation of comprehensive photo documentation for recording any damage

  • Preparation of existing data for accounting records

  • Recommendations for modernisation works

  • Coordination of repairs for damages which are covered by insurance

  • Support with evictions

  • 24-hour emergency service possible: reliable, secure and quick


Technical know-how


GGM Hamburg

Property an facility management